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A documentary film about the California surf sub-culture in the decades before it blew up into todays multi-billion dollar cultural dynamo.

Seven surfers tell us of the simple code they lived by:
No Coat and Tie,
No Leather Shoes,
No job away from the beach.

They grew up out of the Depression and World War Two, embracing a seaside culture from it's Hawaiian roots. Wherever they found waves, they formed tribes, shaped their boards, lived by their wits, and kept the good times rolling up and down the California coast. Outsiders held them in contempt, and they had the surf all to themselves.

But ambition (the surfer kind) pierced the veil - one Beach Rats hitchhike around the world to find the perfect wave brought the outside world crashing in, and their beaches got a whole lot more crowded.

RUNNING TIME: 54 minutes